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Mission & Vision

Collaboration among social, community, religious, and business organizations to establish a centralized location that provides programs to meet the social, educational, and spiritual needs of families and individuals in the Elizabethtown Area.

Our hope is that this collaborative effort will lead to expanded services and additional opportunities for communication, awareness, and public service among all members of our community. 

It is our vision that -- provided with the right support, all of our citizens are capable of realizing their goals. 


  • We believe all families and individuals of Elizabethtown deserve a self-sufficient and productive life.
  • We believe we can provide better, more efficient and effective services, and increase access if many social services are located in a centralized location.
  • We believe this centralized location will increase collaboration among providers, avoid duplication of services, and ensure that everyone is receiving the support he/she needs.
  • We believe we are all made stronger when we help each other.